We love Charlotte Raymond!

At 93, Charlotte Raymond is showing no signs of slowing down. She says her love for Hospice of the Golden Isles (HGI) is one of the reasons she’s still going strong. “I love Hospice so much. It stimulates my brain. At 93, not much else stimulates my brain,” she says with a laugh. “When I sit and make prayer shawls, it makes me happy to know the joy I’m giving someone else when they get one of them,” says Charlotte. Charlotte has been making prayer shawls for patients since her earliest days with hospice almost 38 years ago, which is also when also when HGI was founded. “I got the idea for knitting a prayer shawl from a book I got as part of my training with hospice” explains Charlotte.  Charlotte estimates that she makes around 200 prayer shawls for Hospice each year. “I sit in front of the TV and knit. I put love and prayer in all of them. I probably spend about 15 hours a week making them. It’s therapeutic for me,” she says. Charlotte is not only a beloved part of HGI’s history, she also keeps track of our non-profit’s history. Each Tuesday, Charlotte comes to Hospice and places all published materials about Hospice of the Golden Isles into our scrapbooks. She is quite meticulous about making certain that everything is recorded. “This is my passion. This is our history,” says Charlotte. Each week, after Charlotte has finished her work preserving our history, she can be heard walking down the hallway telling everyone, “I’ll see you all next week, good Lord willing!” To which, we reply “Then, we’ll definitely see you next week Ms. Charlotte.” If you’d like to donate yarn for Ms. Charlotte’s prayer shawls contact Patty Crosby, VP of Development at pattycrosby@hospice.me or 912-265-4735. And, if you’d like to become one of our treasured volunteers like Ms. Charlotte contact Trish Burns our Volunteer Coordinator at PatriciaBurns@hospice.me.

Clean Out Your Closets & Help HGI!

It’s time to clean out your closets for Spring! A great way to feel good about what you are removing from your wardrobe is to donate your old favorites to our Hospice of the Golden Isles account at Mixed Nuts.  85 % of the sales will go directly to HGI.  So, now that you have more room in your closet, go shopping at Mixed Nuts and 100% of the sales of the featured items will go to HGI.  And, those donations are really adding up. On Nov. 12, 2018, Charlene Stahl the store’s owner (shown in middle), and Jacki Albright (shown on the left) presented a check to Patty Crosby, VP of Development of Hospice of the Golden Isles for $2,000. So far, they’ve contributed more than $6,000. Thank you ladies for all you are doing to help Hospice of the Golden Isles and our non-profit mission of caring for our neighbors in Glynn, Camden, McIntosh, Brantley, and Charlton counties regardless of ability to pay.

       The fur coat shown below sold in December and raised $375 for HGI. The featured sales item for February is this Judith Lieber clutch purse which retails for         $1195.00. But, you can buy it for $375.    

Event Honors Volunteer of 25 Years

Oh, what a night! On Thursday, Aug. 3rd, friends of Charlotte Raymond turned out in droves for “Cocktails with Charlotte” – a special event held in her honor and benefiting the hospice she has volunteered at for over three decades. Charlotte was blown away by the reception and fellowship. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this such a memorable evening in honor of an unforgettable lady and cherished volunteer!

About Charlotte

After retiring from a career with the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C. over 35 years ago, Charlotte moved to Saint Simons Island and began volunteering here at Hospice of the Golden Isles. She’s performed a variety of volunteer jobs over the years, but there are two for which she’s famous: creating scrapbooks about HGI and knitting prayer shawls to comfort hospice patients. Several times a week, 93-year-old Charlotte carefully checks the local newspaper and area publications for items about HGI. When she finds something, she cuts it out and places it in the appropriate scrapbook. Although she can’t remember exactly how long she’s been doing this, she says there are now multiple volumes of scrapbooks. According to Charlotte, “Someone even made or bought a bookcase for them.” As for her popular prayer shawls, Raymond prays small, simple prayers while she knits them. “Then they are blessed prior to the patient receiving them by Dr. Mike (the Rev. Michael Cordle, chaplain at HGI),” she said. “It’s so gratifying to make these; you know they’re going to someone who will enjoy them.” Families often keep the prayer shawls after their loved one dies. Raymond is extremely humble, and doesn’t want any attention for her work, but she’s known to many families who have passed through the doors at HGI as the “prayer shawl lady.” We’re always looking for great volunteers like Charlotte. If you would like to learn more about volunteering, contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

The Power of Palliative Care

Southeast Georgia Health System recently featured our Palliative Care services in an article in its “Healthy Partners” publication. Palliative care helps with easing and managing the pain of patients facing serious illness; its goal is to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family. According to the article, palliative medicine has become the fastest-growing medical specialty in the United States, with 67 percent of U.S. hospitals with 50 or more beds now staffing palliative care teams. “Many physicians with a previous primary care practice have moved into palliative medicine to help make sure patients and families have the information they need to make very difficult decisions,” Dr. Shaner says. “The Palliative Care team coordinates with the patient’s attending physician to provide patients and families with extra support and the opportunity to discuss and establish the goals of care.” Read the full article here.

Celebrating 5 Years of Award-Winning Care! (July, 2017)

After earning Deyta’s Hospice Honors for the fifth year in a row, a celebration was held to thank our wonderful medical team, board of directors, volunteers and administrative staff (pictured) for helping us become the ONLY  hospice in Georgia to earn this distinction! At Hospice of the Golden Isles, we are proud to offer The Best Care When It Matters Most!

Therapy Pet “Paw”ty is Howling Success!

18 Therapy Dogs from Therapy Dog International (TDI) were “treat”ed to a real dog party at HGI. The party was in appreciation for all that they (and their humans) do to help others in the community and here at hospice. Special thanks to Pet Supplies Plus, Certified Burger, and the Darien Animal Hospital. See photos from event Read Florida Times-Union media coverage Read the Brunswick News media coverage

Back row left to right: Elizabeth Williams, Buddy McGhin and Buster, Bob Joiner and Raleigh, Karl Merriman, Susan Gibbs, Ann Granger and Duffy, Beverly Spaeth, Patty Crosby and Dexter, Jack Brodhag, Gwen Scott, Janet Douglas, Lynn Tyrer and Hallie Louya, Ruth Barker.

Front row left to right: Carole Pattie and Lily, Linder Waller and Zack, Diane Sheehan and Luke, Dottie Brodhag and Dixie, Tom Scott and Skeets, Arlene Ingram and Darby Rose, Robert Lamoureaux and Pierre.

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